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  • RIP Paul Cassells - BooBoo11 - 8-26-11

    It's with great sadness that I start this thread, but I'm sure many will be surprised, and did not know this was coming.

    Paul Cassells, known to many around here, as BooBoo11, passed away last night, in Bby General after a battle with cancer.

    Speaking with his wife Patti this morning, there will not be a service, but in the future, a celebration of life, no date/time being considered yet.

    As many of you know, Paul was a big supporter of BCSB and it's members, and always took the opportunity to extend a hand with respect to offering his services in the insurance insurance channel, specifically getting many on board, and saving $$$ with Beacon policies.

    Paul was active at most all BCSB and general riding events, including Gillnetter Brunch, Bike Night, EMS shindigs, Summer Solstice Ride, Daytona Party, you name it, Paul was there.

    You might want to take this opportunity to just share some thoughts or experiences you had with Paul, post some pics, etc.

    We'll miss ya Paullie!

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    1. j.dunne's Avatar
      j.dunne -
      RIP Mr Cassells The community will miss you greatly
    1. jtreasure's Avatar
      jtreasure -
      RIP Paul. You were always very kind and professional whenever I purchased insurance from you. My deepest condolences go out to your family. We will all miss you.
    1. Borgnine's Avatar
      Borgnine -
      Paul was one of those guys that I "wish" I had gotten to know better...From the first time I met him, at one of the bike nights, I knew he was one of those special people....Just a very gentle soul. You could get in a conversation and the words came easy--he was a guy who put you at ease. Wasn't a guy who would lay any 'trips' on you. When he talked to you, he was actually interested in what YOU were saying......Later on, when I started buying insurance from him, I introduced him to my wife, and she echoed my sentiments. Condolences to his family on the loss of this gentle soul. the world is a little sadder place.
    1. chris0055's Avatar
      chris0055 -
      Paul was the 1st insurance broker for my motorcycle when I started riding last year (indeed, my life). Hes professionalism regarding motorcycle insurance saves me a lot of money and I enjoy staying at Cassells while he was handling my paper works. He's funny and thoughtful. He gave good advices to new riders like me. I'm sad to see the news and my condolences to friends and familiy.
    1. Smoke's Avatar
      Smoke -
      Paul's a great guy. Peace man.
    1. tazmania's Avatar
      tazmania -
      Paul was such a nice guy. He always had a smile on his face when I stopped in at the office, and always willing to help out with the questions I had. My sincerest condolences to his wife and family, he will be missed.Jacalyn
    1. Ride4Life's Avatar
      Ride4Life -
      RIP Paul, wish i got to know you better. All the best to family and friends.
    1. alternateimpact's Avatar
      alternateimpact -
      what words can desrcibe the kind of person Paul was? too many kind words...On July 20, my Mom passed away suddenly at my parents home. I was devasted, but had to stay at my parents place that night to take care of my dad. The first person to call me to wish his sincerest condolences was Paul. he spent over 2 hours with me calming down with the emotions I was going through. He made sure I knew how much he and Patti enjoyed the times they shared with my mom here at our home, and that He and Patti would be there for us when we need it. towards the end of our conversation, Paul said that he wanted me to be on of the first to know that unfortunaly his cancer had com back, and that it was now terminal. thants the kind of person Paul was...he put his own issues on the back burner to be there for me, and my family. It took a lenghty conversation after that to persuade Paul that he didn't need to be there for my moms funeral, and memorial, so that he could get some rest, and gain strength for his battle ahead. over the next month, despite his health going down hill fast, he always took the time to either call or text me to find out if my wife and I had our daughter yet, and that we were ok. I was happy to be able to call him on August 15 to let him know that our daughter Alysah Breanne was born safe and sound. Paul was also a big part of the social aspect of the MC community. In all the years I put on things like the Gilletter breakfast, or the harrison kick off ride, Paul was there. He was pivital in helping my organize the Gillnetter food and fundraiser for the vancouver food bank. he was an active supporter of BCSB, and Bernies Daytona parties. you could also count on Paul to be at all sorts of events, BBQ's, and what ever else was planned. Paul, as a friend, you will truely missed and treasured. May you sail the open seas, with BooBoo resting in your lap. And may you ride some twisties without the need for "Cassells" insurance. luv ya bud
    1. jafkaf81's Avatar
      jafkaf81 -
      This is very sad news for the community .......... I have sent many riders his way over the years . I drove from abbotsford to downtown just to insure my bikes with him , he was always pleasant and professional ..... Due to traffic on that route , I made it just as he was about to lock the door on a friday , he opened up and got my papers handled in time for the weekend ride . Just a class act every day . Some of you may not know he also had a huge passion for boating , I am sure there is a whole community of sea dogs also sad to lose a member of that community as well . My thoughts go to his family and friends , rest in peace brother ..........
    1. DrFunkyMD's Avatar
      DrFunkyMD -
      RIP Paul. A really great guy and a great asset to the motorcycling community. He will be missed dearly.
    1. CanaganD's Avatar
      CanaganD -
      RIP buddy... that's terrible news...
    1. KatRider's Avatar
      KatRider -
      Never had the opportunity to meet him in person so I only "knew" him through this site. He sounded like a great guy. My condolences to his family and friends.
    1. Incantation's Avatar
      Incantation -
      RIP paul.. stand up guy, very friendly and helpful. Fair winds buddy
    1. Flay's Avatar
      Flay -
      When I got a text about his passing, I was floored. My best to Ena, Patti and everybody else close to him. I went into the shop a lot over the past year. Up to two or three times a week when work was slow. My mutt Stanley engaged in epic battles with Ena's Scarlet but Paul was always great about the two dogs tearing up the place. The conflict would eventually roll into his office and Paul would emerge for a chat.Seems like just weeks ago he helped me out with a house insurance problem while I helped back up computers...RIP Paul. And thanks for taking care of Stanley while I shopped. You rock.
    1. Mundane's Avatar
      Mundane -
      Such sad news. I was just in Paul's shop yesterday to transfer title to my motorcycle and wanted to say 'hi and thanks' to Paul for helping me out with insurance for my bike over the past years. I didn't see him in the shop and hoped that maybe he was out enjoying the great weather rather than toiling away. I hope he is doing that now in a better place. Paul was always willing to help out fellow riders and get the best insurance for their needs. My condolences to his family and all his friends.
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