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  • Please read regarding Lane Filtering Proposal

    On behalf of BCCOM

    BCCOM has recently written a proposal for the “Legalization of Lane Filtering” that will be sent to the Minister of Transportation for review. Below are some of the safety measures BCCOM has asked to be in place to allow lane filtering. Once our proposal has been reviewed we will post it in its entirety.

    “The rider must operate the motorcycle no more than 10 kilometers-an-hour faster than the rest of traffic.

    Traffic can’t be going over 30 kilometers -an-hour.

    Must not be done somewhere where the speed limit is less than 30 kilometers-an-hour such as a school, park or construction zone.

    Must never ride in between vehicles where the mirrors won’t be able to see the motorcyclists (semi-trucks, large RV’s) utilizing the “if you can’s see my mirrors I can’t see you” message."

    We a brief conversation with Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom this morning and was told he had gotten only a “handful” of emails regarding the “Lane Filtering” proposal. I have a meeting with him December 7th and I would like to see his office flooded with emails regarding the proposal. If you want lane filtering please take the time to send an email supporting it. In the proposal part of the reasoning we used was reduction of congestion and green house gasses as well as safety factors i.e. rear ends. There are 2 studies on the front page of the BCCOM site www.bccom-bc.com for more information.


    Discussion thread here:
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