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  • British Columbia's new motorcycle safety laws

    For Immediate Release
    April 30, 2012

    Ministry of Justice

    B.C.’s new motorcycle safety law

    Beginning June 1, 2012, B.C.’s new motorcycle safety law will come into force. It has three components:

    1. Helmet Safety Standards
    All motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers in B.C. must wear a motorcycle helmet that meets one of the following safety standards:

    · DOT – Also known as FMVSS 218, conforms with the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218.
    · Snell M2005 or Snell M2010 – In accordance with the Snell Memorial Foundation 2005 or 2010 Standard for Protective Headgear for Use with Motorcycles and Other Motorized Vehicles.
    · ECE – In accordance with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ECE Regulation No. 22.

    The safety helmet must display the proper certification label. Full-face helmets and visors are not required and riders are free to choose any helmet colour they prefer. However, eye protection and brightly-coloured helmets are strongly recommended to help prevent collisions, injuries and fatalities.

    Uncertified, novelty “beanies” do not meet the requirements.

    Fines for all new helmet related offences are $138. Refusing an officer’s demand to produce a helmet carries a $276 fine.

    2. Seating Requirements

    Motorcycle operators and passengers must be seated with their feet on foot pegs or the floorboards at all times (even when the motorcycle is stopped at an intersection).

    The operator is responsible for ensuring passengers younger than 16 years of age are properly seated. Any passengers, including children who cannot reach the foot pegs or floorboards, are not permitted to ride as passengers.

    Fines for violating seating requirements range from $109 to $121 or vehicle impoundment, if considered stunting. Failing to use foot pegs and permitting a passenger to be unlawfully seated both come with a $109 fine.

    3. Licence Plate Improvements

    Since May 2011, ICBC has been issuing motorcycle licence plates with larger font. Font size has increased 0.95 centimetres (3/8 of an inch) to assist law enforcement with identifying the vehicle.

    Existing plates can be upgraded to a plate with larger font by contacting ICBC.

    The fine for an improper display of a licence plate or an illegible licence plate has increased to $230 from $196.

    Contact: Ministry of Justice
    Government Communications and Public Engagement
    250 356-6961

    Connect with the Province of B.C. at: www.gov.bc.ca/connect

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