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    We've had a lot of spam issues in the last couple of years and at some times it's been downright ridiculous. I've taken a couple of new steps to try and prevent it (along with banning huge amounts of IP's that our outside of North America).

    With it, I left the 'requires moderation' setting to ON for a number of weeks just prior to the upgrade. Well, I've been trying to go through them but theirs just so many registrations I can't make heads or tails of who is legit and who is a fraud. As such, I'm just going to purge them all and have you re-register.

    So please, if you've registered in the last month and haven't gotten approved, please re-register. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Blame the dirty spammers selling you member enlargements and stealing your worldwide bandwidth.
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    1. Elder_MMHS's Avatar
      Elder_MMHS -
      You can make answering a set of fairly simple questions part of the registration process - i.e. how many quarters in a dollar, what animal stars in "The Lion King," etc. Recaptcha has been suspected of being defeated for quite some time now unfortunately.

      Might help quell the spam.
    1. kerunt's Avatar
      kerunt -
      Quote Originally Posted by adamantium View Post
      Set this up and say goodbye to spam: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/sh...=1#post1469086
    1. elevation's Avatar
      elevation -
      Adam, the moderation is the best way to go. I run a private wordpress discussion blog and I have to approve all members. The time it takes to do this is less than the time it takes to deal with the spammers. It's just how the internet works now. It's not worth it to let anyone with an IP address join immediately.
    1. adamantium's Avatar
      adamantium -
      We ban most IP blocks outside of North America. I've let a few back in over time as I get requests and I monitor spam based on them. Typically most if it's coming from eastern europe and asia it would seem though the UK has a lot as well and we have a number of users from there.

      I've removed recaptua due to the hacking that took place some time ago and introduced human questions. It appears to have slowed the spam to a crawl.
    1. alternateimpact's Avatar
      alternateimpact -
      mmmmmmmmm I love spam! sliced thin, fried, and mixed in with rice!.....what were we talking about?
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