I'm starting to make plans for getting to the Laguna for the GP. Ideally what I would do is fly down on Thursday evening and then rent a car to drive to the free worker camping at the track. I would then leave Monday morning to hopefully avoid the Laguna exodus gong-show. I will only do this if I can find someone to split the cost of the car rental and gas.

Otherwise, I will play a fun game of planes busses and automobiles. I'll fly to San Fran, bus to Salinas and then somehow get to the track. Bus? Hitch? Hell, I'll walk if I have to. If you can offer me a ride at any point on this particular itinerary that'd be great too. I'll chip in for gas etc.

If you can't take the time off work to drive or ride down and don't feel like paying $$$ per night for a hotel miles from the track this could be the perfect trip for you!!

If you haven't got your application in to work the race you have until May 16.
Click here for the info and application form. They have 144 applications to date, but I gather they need a crapload more than that to run one of these things.