A letter from your future self!!
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Thread: A letter from your future self!!

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    A letter from your future self!!

    If you could send a letter back 15 years to your past self, what would you say? Think about it and be honest.

    I'll start:

    Quote Originally Posted by Future self
    Dear me:

    This may sounds strange, but I am you, and you are me. I've got 15 years of experience on you, so listen to what I have to say.

    Enjoy school, you're with all your friends all day long - it's better than working for a living. That said, try harder you lazy fuck! Stop skipping and hanging out with the 'cool' kids (they're not so cool in 15 years anyways), apply yourself and go to college, it WILL be of use later. It also won't hurt to pick up some foreign language skills.
    And WAKE UP and PAY ATTENTION, those girls are interested in you, so put your skateboard down and get at it before it becomes jailbait. Don't think about things to much, just jump in and act - some gambles will pay off.
    Oh, you should also be advised, that when you eventually discover the fun of riding motorbikes - do NOT ride in Febuary. ever. My bones will thank you for this.

    Also, invent youtube.

    Your future self.
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    Start doing yoga. My joints will appreciate it, and I'll enjoy being able to pick up a pencil off the floor...also, there are hot chicks there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future Scott
    Invest in Gold NOW, also, buy up as many properties as you can in the Yaletown area of Vancouver in 1998, And try to put as much money into Google stock when it goes public, it sounds stupid but go for it, you'll thank me/yourself.

    Stay away from Mexican girls, Rosita lied... it's not her first time and you SHOULD wear a condom.. this will save you numerous trips to the clinic. Don't chop the tail off your Ducati, better yet... buy a BMW GS, when you meet your girlfriend 3 weeks later you'll know why.

    Good luck, and don't worry about that little thing... it will eventually get bigger.
    Thanks Future self!

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    I wouldn't have listened anyway, so what's the point? I'm sure many all of us were given priceless advice...it's what you do with it that makes the difference.

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    Too sexy for this forum.

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    Hmm all I can think of is this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Future Jaybo
    Jay, pay attention, think with your big head for second. In 1996 when your girlfriend tells you to stop the boat, by all means stop the boat, but bring the boat close to shore first. It's a bright clear night but stopping the boat in the middle of the lake is a bad idea.. no matter how good it seems at the time. got it? good. go get her!
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    Don't date (Blank)(blank and oh yeah and(blank)!
    Don't give your heart so easily.
    Stay away from him, he will only hurt you.
    You are worth so much more.
    Give it one more chance with (blank), you know how much you two mean to each other!
    Don't be so fiercely loyal to (blank) they do not view your friendship in the same way, you will only be hurt.
    Forgive (blank) ,that person will surprise you and be the person you always knew and adored.
    Stay in school and get everything you have accomplished at this point 10 years earlier.
    Enjoy the kids,savor each minute,snotty noses,tantrums,wet kisses,chubby arms around your neck,i love you's,bed time stories,and so much more.
    Buy less, experience more.
    Start vacationing sooner!
    Do all the things that paralyze you with fear,it's not that bad, you are braver then you think,you can do it!
    You are extremely lucky and blessed to have all those people in your life that love you and look out for you.
    Always remember this!

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    I'd have to go back 30 years, but it'd say, "Hey, when those goobers from Redmond ask you to come work for them, DO IT."
    My real name is Andre. What's yours?
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    Here ya go.
    Dear past Flow,
    It doesn't matter how good it is and what she's willing to do. Kick her to the fucking curb before you waste half of the next 15 years.
    Future Flow
    Flowbie- Mellowing with age...

    Stolen from Atom:
    Being a road crayon sucks....put your gear between you and the pavement.

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    More like 25 - 30 years, probably be something like this..

    Dear young Don,

    Ya know Don, just keep up what your doing and where you're going. That woman on the back of your bike's going to bear fine children, and things are going to work out not to shabby ...

    One thing though, buy as much stock in Depends as you can....

    Keep on keeping on buddy.

    Old Don
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    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    Here's a go at it:
    Quote Originally Posted by Future BMac
    Dear BMac,

    In about 15 years, you'll better understand this message from me. I'm you, in the future. In the meantime, just trust me.

    Buy a place downtown. Anywhere. Bigger the better - they're going for over $500/ft now. Seriously. I know! Don't worry about junkies in the alley - they'll eventually be edged out by the Olympics police. Yes. Seriously. I know.

    Next, avoid anything with the words 'Enron', 'Canada 3000', and be sure to bail on any dot.com stock before Y2K, during which the world won't end, but you might have to set your clock radio again. Keep your Bre-X stock for now, that's fine, but for the love of god, sell it all before Mar 1997. You'll thank me later.

    Lastly, get on the Canucks season-ticket list - I mean NOW! They're going big next year. I mean big, and you'll never get on the list after that.
    - Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE!!

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    Dearest Rob,

    Time is your most valuable commodity. Use it wisely, always. Any opportunity to learn is one that you should take but stop learning the same lessons over and over again. It's not good for your ego or your wallet. Trust your instincts about people and situations always. They're usually right and you'll regret everything a lot more if you ignored your gut feelings and things went wrong later. On that note, people will come and go in life but there's some irreplaceable relationships you really should do more to maintain. Money isn't everything but you should really learn to hang on to it. You may need it some day. Have fun.

    Ps: Stop buying shit.

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