Rad repair ?
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Thread: Rad repair ?

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    Rad repair ?

    It seems that a tiny rock has made a small hole in my rad. The hole is located just left of center, right underneath the fan.

    the coolant sprays from the inside, as in small sprays on the exhaust headers.

    Any quick fixes ?

    it also seems strange but the reservoir is full, yet, the temp. rises fast and quick even on highway cruising...and my fan won't turn on at 105+....

    01 ZX6R with 65k+ kms, I have checked the hoses, definitely no leaks or blockages.

    any suggestions ?
    2001 ZX6R
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    sounds like you have more than one problem... i wouldnt recommend any quick fixes to the RAD.. really not worth the risk... talk to a rad shop for some good ideas maybe they can repair it but i wouldnt trust it myself..

    2nd thing to look at does your fan work at all? try running power directly to it to ensure it works and then if it does work then you need to look at your temp sensor swich..

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    quickfix: take a pair of needle nose pliers and squeeze off the vertical or horizontal tube on either side of the hole; you just wont have coolant running through that tube.... hope that makes sense...

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