Getting tires changed without scratches...
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Thread: Getting tires changed without scratches...

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    Getting tires changed without scratches...

    Where do you recommend getting sport bike tires changed with getting the $hit scratched out of them like most Stealerships? Had some bad experiences. I take my wheels in loose.

    Should I just change my own???


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    bad, m'kay?
    No guarrantee but I trusted my Marchesinis to Kevin's mechanic at Baysides and he did a great job.
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    had mine done at Motorcycle World several times and no problems.
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    Essential Motorcycle services has specialized equipment to change tires. Their tire machine is a snap on model that is made ONLY for motorcycle tires. They gurantee no scratched rims. They also have a digital wheel balancer that puts the weight where it is needed. Ask Johny Rebar, i believe that is his name, he had some fancny rims done.

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    I went to essential motorcycle services. Aside from the wonderful staff, they did a great job too. I found them to be friendly, easy going and have competitive pricing too ( at least compared to Burnaby Kawasaki, Carter Honda, Bayside Performance and RMS...they kept on telling me to hold ???? I never did get a price).

    Good luck.
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