What's the worst injury you've had while stunting/learning to stunt?
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Thread: What's the worst injury you've had while stunting/learning to stunt?

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    What's the worst injury you've had while stunting/learning to stunt?

    Just wondering what kinda injuries you've had from falls, crashes, etc while learning to stunt or practicing. Broken bones? Rash? Just asking outta curiosity to see what kinda risk there is to the sport. I want to learn SO bad and am one to weigh out the pros and cons - and so far - even with worst case scenarios in mind (broken arms AND legs) I still wanna try... maybe I'm trying to psych myself outta the extra expense, healing time, etc?

    Who knows, anyways, so what's the worst that YOU've done?

    PS: Been checking out the pics and vids in various forum stunting sections and I am SUPER INSPIRED to get out there and try it... no matter how nervous about it I am... now only thing is... have to rustle up a few G's so that I can buy a junker stunt bike and not so much scrape the pretty off my R6!
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    fractured hip herniated disc dislocated shoulders and broken ankle plus some head trauma

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    use your R6, it'll work just fine
    R.I.P. Danimal

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    I think if you are worried about getting hurt you shouldn't do it at all.
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    a bruised knee and an inch of roadrash on my ass from a spill while stunting at 165 kmh. !!

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    better to be concerned about injury and play it safe while learning than be a retard and fxck yourself up

    doing slow stuff nobody ever really hurts themselves badly.. u get bumps, bruises, cuts, rash.. if that

    it's the higher speed stuff that will hurt.. so you don't even need to ask stunters about that.. just ask any rider what it's like to fall of a bike at 60-100km/h..

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    scraped elbows, knees, knuckles , fucked ankles, re injured ankles,
    u know stuff like dat

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