A Rider's Prayer
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Thread: A Rider's Prayer

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    A Rider's Prayer

    As the May long weekend seems to be the unofficial start of the season and there are a larger number of rides happening this weekend, I thought I'd post this:

    As you ride,
    May the sun be as warm as you need it.
    May the road be as winding as you desire it.
    May all obstacles be gone from your path.
    May you be safe from danger and safe from endangering.
    May you have respect for others and be worthy of other’s respect.
    May the wind and the rain be behind you.
    May your tank be full, your seat soft and your engine strong.
    May you always be under the protection of those gone before you.
    May this adventure be all you hope for and
    May you always have a safe return.

    © CDMcPhee
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    Thanks! Finally some god damn motherf&*^in sensitivity on BCSB.

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    I see nothing in there about "...and may the 5-0 be far behind you"!
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    Thank you for this. Had a close call yesterday with cold tires and gravel and it sorta felt like someone had my back last night.

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    thank you, and damn you, i gotta work Sunday/monday .

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