Takeoffs for novice track day
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Thread: Takeoffs for novice track day

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    Takeoffs for novice track day

    I'm doing the NESBA track days at Pacific Raceways on June 28/29 and have been flirting with the idea of buyin a set of takeoffs (think that's what they're called). Should one set be good enough for a good novice? Or should I go with a DOT street/track tire?

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    takeoffs are just any used race tires...

    I think it depends how quick you are. Most people wont be able to outride the current generation of supersport tires, even on the track. If you do, then you might want to look into takeoffs. However, an old crappy set of takeoffs might not be better than say, a newer set of Pilot Power 2CT's.

    my 2 cents
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    I have LOTS of sets of take offs for you to choose from if you wish. $100/set, and I have 1 set of Michelin pilot power race tyres that have about 25 laps on them. I didn't like the feel as I'm used to a higher profile front, so I took them off. These are barely scrubbed in.
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    I just started using 'takeoffs' this year at Mission track. I used 2CTs last year for 3 about 6 tackdays, 2 practise days and 3 race rounds. This spring I bought Pirelli takeoffs that had 50 laps on them and got 2 track days, 1 practice day and 3 days of racing before they started sliding a bit on me. I will buy 'taleoffs' again for sure. And I will switch to 2 CTs for the street when it is time to change from the Pilot Powers.

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    If you're wondering for the sake of justifying another set of tires, I would factor in the cost of changing the tires over and back again before and after the track, and the time/hassle. I got the 2CT's for my first track day which was a back to back weekend - put a couple hundred km on them before the track day, then the track weekend double header at Pacific, and another 500 or so km on them after and they were great. Didn't have any issues with them slipping around and still think I've got a ways to go on them if not a couple more track days.

    Oh, and have fun at the track. If its your first time you'll be amazed... SO MUCH FUN!

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