STEVE ( AKA GREENBOY ) Big adventure # 3 )
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Thread: STEVE ( AKA GREENBOY ) Big adventure # 3 )

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    Thumbs up STEVE ( AKA GREENBOY ) Big adventure # 3 )

    Two years ago we followed him across Canada and Last year All the way up to Dead Horse in the Arctic Circle , On Saturday he is off to new level of Hard Core Rideing
    I made him a send off BBQ last night and gave the KLR a good looking over a few others are following him over the Duffy tomorrow in the AM then he heads NORTH on his own for another adventure , STEVE will be checking in from time to time on this thread ,
    So stay tuned for more great pictures and stories , Good Luck Steve and i hope all goes Well

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    damn jealous! have a good safe trip and i look forward to your reports.
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    Good luck Steve, have a safe one!!
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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    You are f*@king crazy!

    Have a great trip!

    Wait a second... according to google maps that's only a three day trip one way. see here

    So you're going to be back on Friday?

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    It runs...
    Um. Wow.
    I think you're the only person I know of that intentionally tries to find places colder than the climate you normally live in...

    Have an awesome experience Steve.
    I await with anticipation for your updates and pictures!

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    Have a good and safe trip, Steve.
    Looking forward to the trip reports.
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    All the best Steve.
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    Steve, have a fun and safe trip. Can't wait to hear your stories.

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    Steve, did anyone happen to mention to you that there's snow on the ground?? Hopefully it will melt by the time that you get there.

    And what about only getting 21 hours of sunshine?? I'm getting 24 hours now. LOL

    Have a great trip. NWT is a place I still need to visit in my tour of Canada.
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    Holy crap! What's the matter, now that it's warming up here you can't take it?

    I look forward to your travel log along the way to yet another place I will likely never see in person. And I hope your bike continues to do you proud.

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    Steve....your are quite the adventure rider. safe, travels, and give me a call back after you check your cell phone messages.

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    Have Fun Steve !

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    Sounds like an awesome strip. Have fun Steve, and keep us updated!

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    have a safe and fun adventure Steve, you hardcore mofo..

    I do believe that is one of the best things to do on a motorbike, get to know your own backyard.!

    we'll see you when you get back.. keep the rubber side down..

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    The Little Green Elf is off to find Santa Claus

    I just walked in the door and am heading off to a BBQ this evening, but just a quick report that the Green One left Lillooet around 1:30 and is now on his way to Prince George for the evening.

    The amazingly understanding Patricia turned around at Big Sky, I turned around at Lightfoot and Tony (Traveller) will escort Steve up to Cache Ck and then head home.

    One picture tonight - the rest can wait until tomorrow.

    The Little Green Fella ripping through the Duffey

    aka Tony

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