Post: For Sale Sunflower Oil,vegetable Oil,palm Oil And Soyabean Oil At $200usd Per M/t
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We supply the highest quality of human consumable oil and chemical,From the natural resources and also from

plant and animal we extract oils. We can supply the quantity of about 800,000metric ton in a year and the

quantity of about 70,000 metric tons in a month.We are registered and certified by the highestorganiszation

governing the oil manufacure such as Palm oil vegetable oil sunflower oil biodiesel and we also offer sample order

FREE in which buyer will only pay for the shipping cost of the sample and delivery period is within 48hrs to your

final destination.

Contact Information
Malik Oil Ltd
23,Badagry express way

Below is some of our products price list
seed oil canola oil / rapeseed oil carrot
seed oil coconut
RBD olein
safflower oil
soya bean oil
sunflower oil
vegetable oil vegetable oil -
used Sell Sunflower Oil,
Jatropha Oil, Palm Oil,
vegetable oil,
acai oil almond oil
biodiesel black currant
seed oil black
palm oil palm oil -
crude palm oil -
organic palm stearin palm,
soya bean oil, jojoba
oil jatropha
oil jojoba oil
olive oil olive oil -
virgin olive oil -
extra virgin olive oil -
lampante olive oil -
pomace olive oil
refined other palm kernel oil

Contact Information
Malik Oil Ltd
23,Badagry express way