any tickets this long weekend??
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Thread: any tickets this long weekend??

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    any tickets this long weekend??

    anyone care to share their popo moments from this long weekend. I feel a rant or two coming on

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    Not here. Victoria to Tofino and back over two days. 3 cops seen all in Duncan.

    No tikkies!


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    '10 Victory Jackpot, 09 R1, triumph comming soon.
    I was out from about 9-3 today...I did not see PoPo anywhere....It was odd, way different than yesterday...

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    saw a Katana getting pulled over by a ghostcar on the way to lion's gate bridge.
    I was riding just a few cars away from him the whole time...
    he wasn't speeding...or doing anything reckless ....
    stock bike... full textile gear on...


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    No tickets for me but getting SUPER tired of reading about people complaining about them as well as our local law enforcement posting about how many they've issued and what for on our local site... EVERYONE NEEDS TO JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!
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    got a speeding ticket on friday from the new intergrated traffic control police and on sunday i got a warning for my fender eliminator but my buddy got a ticket for his fender eliminator cuz its tucked by the rear shock.

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    Everybody warned me of riding to Tofino on the May long weekend as it was supposedly a guaranteed speeding ticket waiting to happen.

    But guess what?

    Tasty corners all weekend, low traffic (almost non on the way back) and I didn't see a single police car anywhere.

    That's what picks my bum about posting rides on BCSB. You always get someone chime in on your thread about how they saw lots of police somewhere 5 years ago and to be careful, so everyone backs out of the ride because they're suddenly too freaked out that there *might* be a cop car on the horizon... maybe because someone got a speeding ticket on the same road back in 1989.

    So yeah, May long weekend at a popular tourist destination and it was low traffic with plenty of passing opportunities, very little time hung up behind cars and no police presence.
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    Good to hear things worked out for your ride to Tofino, Adam.

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    princeton/manning coppers

    did a ride yesterday to spences bridge to merrit to prineton to manning to mission. Through princeton it was like the cops were playing some game, they were on the side of the road doing u-turns and going back and forth. Manning park there were several hidden radar traps, about 4 of them when we went through at around 3pm. Almost got pulled over, but was going to fast for him to signal me as he stared me down. Stupid thing is the traffic we were flowing with were going way faster than i was but had a hard on for bike i guess

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    I'm the one in front of you.... ZIPPERLIPS!!!
    2014 BMW S1000RR in MF'n BLACK!!!
    po po were set up EVERYWHERE in the interior!!!

    Westside, Silver Creek, even had a couple hiding in the weeds on the side of the 97 yesterday!!!

    Very exciting!!!
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    I was talked into taking the S2S, Whistler, Pemberton, Lilloet route and I went past eight cop cars. I am sure I would have saw more if I did not have to use my BCAA membership

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    yup Hope Princeton was Crawling with many different traps... even HWY1 as well on ur way out that way... traps traps traps, bike cops, fortunately no tickets for me or my buddy i was riding with... Basically what i found worked push hard have fun in the corners then speedlimit down the straits... then pick it up for the twisties again kept me outa trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elevation View Post
    I was talked into taking the S2S, Whistler, Pemberton, Lilloet route and I went past eight cop cars. I am sure I would have saw more if I did not have to use my BCAA membership
    Bummer Lee, if you're the VFR that FJR was refering to in the other thread, more 'n likely for sure it's your regulator rectifier...

    They were about 150 bux a few years ago when mine fried on my old VFR, easy swap though...
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    Saturday I was followed by a couple and saw a bunch more hiding along Hwy 1.

    Sunday seemed to be their day off. The thing is, you really never can tell.

    Lee: Sorry to hear that your bike decided it'd had enough for the day...

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    Saturday I rode left early Squamish, Lillooet, Cache Creek, Westside Road,97,12 out of Merritt to Spence's Bridge home via the Canyon and Number One.
    Bear Report

    A mother and cub ran across road in front of me about 3 Km north of the damn on the S2S and a second one was sitting just off to the side on the Westside Road heading Southbound. I got a nice photo of him running away through the forest.

    I also saw 2 unmarked cars and a van, all roadside writing tickets.

    The Duffy Lake was perfect on my KTM but would have been bone jarring on anything but a dual sport. It was my first longer day on the 990 and it is exceeding expectations. Fast, comfortable and very supple over rough roads. I left Kits at 6:30 am, got gas in Pemberton, Westbank, and Vancouver. 44 MPG home by 11 pm
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