I know I just did a 3-day trip to volcanos last weekend, but this 2-day off will be the last one for at least next 4 weeks (so lots of BR to Mt. Baker are coming next 4 weeks), I thought I should go to east of Cascades before it gets too hot. The pass is now open (again), and weather is looking perfect for those 2 days.

Time: early morning on Thu., we can discuss the meeting place.

Taking I-5, then SR20 all the way to Winthrop. Have a BBQ lunch there, then continue south to Lake Chelan. Probably spending a night in Chelan, Brewster, Omak or somewhere around there. For those who wants to do only day ride, you can head back after lunch in Winthrop, or after Lake Chelan (it doesn't get dark till around 9 these days). On 2nd day, hoping to do Loup Loup pass on SR20, then take it all the way west. If there's time / energy remaining, then do some backroads from Marblemont.

Pace: You know how it is if you've been checking BR posts.