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    its fast....

    not charging

    i have a 97 srad 750. It is putting out 13-13.1v at 1000rpm,, and only 12.2v at
    5-6000rpm (with headlights off)
    and 12.5v 1000rpm 12.5-12.8v 5000 rpm with the lights on
    What would the most likely suspect be,,, stator or reg/rec?
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    It could easily be either. The Suzuki service manual will have a procedure for testing the stator windings using an ohm meter. You'll need to find this and test your stator condition. If the stator is good then look to see if there's any tests for the regulator. If not and provided the stator checks out then you're going to have to assume that the regulator is the culprit.

    In some cases there may also be a procedure for checking the voltage output of your stator windings. If so then do that test as well.

    But before you assume that there's a problem check the system grounds between the battery and frame and engine to ensure that there's a good solid common ground. Also check your connectors and ensure the contacts are clean and snug fitting in the metal to metal department.

    Also what is your battery voltage when the bike is off? A low terminal voltage on the battery can often suck down the overall system voltage. A shorted out cell inside the battery would cause something like this.

    So you see, there may well be more here than meets the eye.
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