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    2001 r6

    hi guys

    I just finished my motorcycle training course last week and got the supervision restriction removed. I'll be doing my road test in 2 weeks.

    I did some bike shopping this week and I came across a 2001 R6. I don't know too much about bikes, so maybe you guys can help me out. Here are the details I got:
    -no accidents, never been dropped
    -around 30000k
    -only mod is an aftermarket exhaust

    Owner is asking $5400

    Does this seem like a reasonable asking price?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's not a bad deal at all.
    Phone up an ICBC broker and ask them what the bike's market value is and just make sure you're paying at least 1k less

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    That's a good deal, mileage is a bit high for that price. You can easily offer $5000 or even less for that bike.

    With that year, beware of a few things:
    - its a carbed bike, so make sure it's been properly maintained

    - that year R6 have 2nd gear issues, do some research on this, and ensure the bike you're buying either is free of this issue, or has already been fixed.

    - SAVE MONEY for gear!
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