What's with all the dealers offering test rides lately?
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Thread: What's with all the dealers offering test rides lately?

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    What's with all the dealers offering test rides lately?

    Back from Australia. Had to come back due to a family emergency. Completely broke, waiting for bike in australia to sell. Yesterday was a nice day and i had a lil time to kill so went to langley to see what Holeshot and Western had. Just tire kicking, not buying. The both places were packed, mostly with RUB's who prolly didn't even have an m/c license. However, at both places had to fight off the salesmen with a stick. I tried to look like a clueless tire kicker but I kept getting "what can I help you with?" But especially "you see anything you want to take out for a ride?" Never experienced that before. Don't Japanese dealers usually discourage test rides? And what kind of vibe was I giving out, anyways? I mean, early 30's guy in ripped jeans and tshirt. And how can I give out that vibe when I am ready to buy in a few months?

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    They can smell your anticipation and preparation

    The dealer I bought my 125 from offers me to take a 600rr out for a spin pretty much anytime I'm at the dealership . Gonna save up a bit of dough and take him up on the offer

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    i think the dollar is what is forcing them to offer out demo rides. they know they can get you on the "oh man, i gotta have this thing" factor instead of turning you away to go somewhere else.

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