Would you/did you ride again?
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Thread: Would you/did you ride again?

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    Would you/did you ride again?

    On the long weekend I was stryck by a vehicle turning left at an intersection. The details aren't important as I'll be dealing with Ikkybikky shortly..

    It was a very serious impact and from everything that the medics, witneses, local paper, and police have said am very lucky to be alive.

    I severely dislocated my elbow abd fractured my wrist (same arm) in several locations. I compressed 4 vertebrae, had my eye swell up like those weird fish, and have bruises and sore spots all over. Considering the crash I'm just happy that I can still walk.

    My sister was killed in a motor vehicle accident two years ago and I cant imagine the pain my parents had when police officers showed up at our door this second time. Because of this I've told my parents I will never ride on the street again. I consider myself a very safe and responsible rider and never thought an accident like this would happen to me.

    I love riding and often found it to be my release from the pressures and stresses from every day life, I don't know what I'll do without it? So for you people that have hd serious accidents what made you comeback? Did you comeback? What changed for you when you did? Or did you go into things like dirtbikes or track only riding?

    At the moment its hard to imagine getting back on two wheels, but I know once I'm 100% something is going to be missing from my life if I don't have some sort of bike.

    Ride safe everyone.

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    Glad to hear that you're okay, but it's a shame that some jerk off has ruined your joy and love for the sport. It's always great to see someone comeback to continue doing what they love, but until i've been in your situation (knock on wood) I can't even imagine how hard it would be. If you don't return to the street, you should at least look into track riding or at least leave it open as an option. Whatever you decide to do, hope you recover quickly.
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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I've done a couple track days and to be honest if I did 5/6 a season with some dirtbiking I think that might scratch my itch, I'm just struggling to wrap my head around the fact that I didn't do anything wrong and am still fawked.

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    Considering your accident last year (on the track) and this years major accident (on the street). I would probably feel the same way you do. When you factor in what happened to your sister and your parents. I would be out of riding as well.

    I know people who have been riding for over 20 years and have not had a single scratch. Then there are others who barely make it out of their driveway without something happening. Riding is so much luck, time, place, etc. Considering I have ridden 45,000kms+ and have not had a single incident. I am just waiting for it to happen. Everytime I ride the odds go up that something will happen. I just ignore that thought and ride.

    I don't know what I will think when I do crash. I will just have to come to that when it happens. I just hope my first crash is spectacular and I walk away with one stitch ripped in my leathers!

    Heal fast and enjoy the track or the dirt.

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    I wish you well in your recovery and dealings with ICBC, sounds like you have lots of witnesses though...

    Were I in your position I "think" I'd get back on when the body and mind were ready, but I've not experienced your severity of crash injuries though.

    I do however firmly believe that when it's your time, it's your time.

    I experienced a relatively minor lowside, but slid across the road and down a 150 ft embankment..... Didn't get a scratch, well cracked some ribs but it could have been oh so different, I know of someone else who had a fairly minor get off but landed badly and died..... again when it's time, it's time...

    Good luck with whatever you decide, but for sure give it some time before making any firm commitments...
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    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I think at the end of the day, it's hard for anyone to make a call about riding when they didn't go through the same things you did. My only on street crash was when I was much younger and I definitely bounced back from it.

    But over the years my riding style and where I'm willing to take some risks and how I take those, has definitely changed.

    I did have a serious accident on my bicycle when a driver ran a red light and broadsided me in an intersection, and it did change how I rode around cars for a long time. But I didn't give that up either.

    Hope you don't have too many problems getting your claim settled.


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    Been there before, my friend! When I was 20, I lived out in Ontario. Riding along the QEW one day, I was in the right lane, coming up to an offramp. A cube truck in the far left lane, decided he wanted that exit NOW, so he jerked the wheel, and came on over.

    By the time I saw him, it was nearly too late to do anything. I grabbed a handful of brake, and went squirrely at 110km/h. I was lucky that I low sided, but as I went down, my right arm went out, and I hit the pavement with my hand first. Somehow I managed to slide across the freeway, and not get killed by the other traffic. As I was sliding, I made an attempt to stand up.....bad idea. Ended up eating the curb on the left side, at a good clip. Finally stopped, stood up, checked my limbs, realised I was still alive, and started looking for my bike.

    Traffic kept on flying by, until a good samaritan stopped traffic in the left lane, and brought me into his Astro van. He was a fellow biker. We grabbed my bike, got it into the van, and he gave me a lift home. No major damage to me, or the bike!

    Anyway, I got my bike fixed, but ignored the pain in my right hand/wrist. I rode another half season after that, but I was terrified it would happen again. Moved to BC a few months later, and sold the bike. I've only been on 1 bike since then. And incidentally, I had to have surgery on my wrist, about 6 years after the crash!

    Now I'm 32, and am getting sick of having the motorcycle itch EVERY spring. So this spring, I bought another one. I've decided to take the PRS course, and buy all new gear before I get back on again. Took me 12 long years to get back in the saddle, but it's happening, and I'm looking forward to it.

    I used to commute on my bike, but not now. I've got several cars to drive, so the bike will be an evening/weekend toy, nothing more.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose, and heal up fast!


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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    Sorry to hear about your accident spinnin. I'm fortunate enough to not have experienced a life-changing/serious accident so I don't have any great advice or wisdom on the matter.

    that said I'd imagine starting back on dirt would be a good way to stay in the game.

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    welcome to the club
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    Quote Originally Posted by g_spyder91 View Post
    Glad to hear that you're okay, but it's a shame that some jerk off has ruined your joy and love for the sport.

    I am sorry to hear of your accident - but from the sounds of it - it was just that, an ACCIDENT! I hope that you heal up fast and do what you feel is right in your heart. You can listen to others, whether it be family, friends, fellow riders or complete strangers on these boards - but ultimately it's you who has to live with your choices everyday. You said so yourself that you're responsible and careful so give yourself some credit and time to figure out what is best for YOU!

    It really irritates me when I see and hear of riders referring to "riding on the street as a sport." It's not a sport - a motorcycle ridden on the streets in public is a form of transportation plain and simple.

    When I was on the ferry one time, I listened to 4 guys babble on and on about their ride and if I weren't with a group of young girls (soccer team) I would have tried to engage them in a discussion about THEIR discussion. People seem to forget that they are increasing their risk factors (someone can chime in here with stats if they have them) for injury and accidents by being on a bike rather than in a car.

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    I was in a low side a couple years ago. Hwy #1, the 1st avenue off ramp.
    The bike was totalled, it smashed into a cement barrier.

    I had a broken left wrist, smashed right knee, and a nasty concussion.
    I still don't remember anything from that period of time. I only know what people have told me.

    I think thats the reason I still ride. I just woke up in a hospital bed, with my bike missing.

    I love riding a motorcycle, and like you it is a release from the busy life everyone lives now. When I put my helmet on and throw my leg over, I go into my own little world.

    I have definately changed the way I ride, but it doesn't make it safe.

    in the end: "The reward is worth the risk"
    You can't stop living life, or doing the things you like.
    I could get hit by a car, walking down the street. You don't want to live life in a protective box.


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    Sorry to hear of Yer crash..Get well soon...I had a major crash in the 80's...Hit a concrete pole at 55mph...broke 48 bones...rode a buddies bike 2 weeks later, the pain nearly killed me, but i got back on....Not stopped yet
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    glad your ok and posting about it!! i've never been down on the streets but i damn near broke myself in half dirt biking. it didn't change my opinion of riding but then again i was 15 and not easilly swayed away from adventure. i broke my left ankle and leg, broke my left collar bone and wrist and 3 bones in my left hand and dislocated my right shoulder and a good concusion and was in the hospital a long while but i got back on as soon as i was able. couldn't do much jumping though as i couldn't take the landings on my left side. i've been lucky that my parents while having gone grey, realized that i can't live in a bubble and must do what i need to do to get along in life. they allowed all of us kids to get our cycle licenses when we turned 15(yes you could get a class 6 at 15 back then) and let me continue with motoX riding. god bless them. you've got a tought decision to make for sure but don't think of it now and just mend yourself.
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    Your parents would probably forgive you if you decided you wanted to ride on the street again later. Follow your heart.

    Life is partly about the experiences we crave, not the denial of them. Glad that you're recovering from it. Heal up fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by penumbra604 View Post
    Life is partly about the experiences we crave, not the denial of them. Glad that you're recovering from it. Heal up fast.
    Well said.

    Get well soon man, and best of luck in whichever decision you make.
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