Passport Office Questions? (line-ups, etc.)
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Thread: Passport Office Questions? (line-ups, etc.)

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    Passport Office Questions? (line-ups, etc.)

    I need a passport for mid-July, and plan to use the passport office in Surrey. Anyone been to one of these offices lately?

    How is the line-up situation? Can I get there at 3:30pm on a Monday when they close at 4:30 and have a hope of getting in?

    I'm assuming the applicant needs to be there in person? (don't suppose I can get someone else to do it for me?)

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    I would not recommend going that late in the day. If the line up is too long, they will turn you away.

    Monday's aren't bad and even if you can get there by noon it shouldn't be that long of a line up. The wait times will get longer in a couple of months because of the cross-border restrictions coming in January.

    You can speed up the process for an extra $20 but I passed on that and you can have it delivered to the passport office to pick up instead of having it mailed. It's faster and they will give you a date, usually in less than a week, of when it will be ready. There's almost no line up to pick up your passport, just walk in and go into the pick up line.
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    Do all the forms online and have everything ready for when you go in. If you do it all online, basically, they just wait for you to drop the stuff off. You actually get priority in the wait sequence because they already have all the information. They just scan the barcode, make sure the photos are good, and give you a date for pickup.

    I stood in line for 5 hours when it was extremely busy. I got there at 4:30am so I could get out of there fast. It's not busy like that anymore.
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    Canada Service Centers now take your passport application. No need to drive into Surrey from the Valley. There is one on Logan in Langley I believe.
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    if you wish to 'expediate' the process (for $20/$30 more and get it within the week)... you need 'proof of travel' - either tickets or reciepts for tickets... I was bitten by this and had to come back
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    I applied for my passport in mid December and I didn't do the expedited service and it only took 2 weeks to come.

    With expedited service, you get it within 10days or a week I think.

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    I went to the Richmond office May 21st 9am after filling the forms out online then Canada Post delivered the passports to my house on May 28th! There was no line up at the time. When I left there were only 3 other parties there.

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    Do your application online.
    When you go to the Passport Office, you virtually go to the front of the line.

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