Post: How to get a bike from the Island to Van
User: Ebicat
Infraction: Continuing to miss the point of the New rider forum.
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Please make your posts in the new rider forum productive.
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Hi there,

You previously received a PM about this, followed by an infraction when it didn't sink in.

The new rider forum if for helping new riders. Not berating them.

To quote from the description of the forum:

"For the the newer riders to ask the questions, and the older/wiser to help out. Let's make these posts constructive people."

Your posts are typically NOT constructive which is not appropriate when we are trying to create an environment where new rider do feel comfortable asking questions, even if those questions do not seem fully thought out to yourself.

Your attitude towards posting in the New Rider forum has to change and hopefully taking a short break from BCSB will give you the time you need to appreciate this.

Thank you.
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Who said scared? Christ, what a forum.
I said scared, Jesus can't save you now.
Sensitive are we, I'll make sure to take extra care with you.