r6 stalls on idle
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Thread: r6 stalls on idle

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    r6 stalls on idle

    ok so i was warming up the bike today and took it for a quick stroll around the block. i came to a stop to adjust my boots when suddenly i heard my idle weakening and after a few seconds the bike just dies. This happened to me before as well when i was waiting for the stoplight. I checked the battery and its fine and fully charged. I do hear a fast ticking noise on my engine meaning i might need to get my valves adjusted and maybe a carb clean-up. Could this be the cause of my bike stall?
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    check your vacuum lines. a vacuum leak would cause an idle drop such as you say.
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    how much gas have you got?
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    have your TPS checked out. I just had mine replaced. 04 FZ6 had a recall on the parts as well as other Yamaha bikes. best thing is you bring it down to Yamaha and its FREE

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