Who needs a microwave when you have cell phones....!
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Thread: Who needs a microwave when you have cell phones....!

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    Exclamation Who needs a microwave when you have cell phones....!

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    Cellphone radiation may ruin a good night's sleep

    Updated Mon. Jan. 21 2008 12:55 PM ET

    CTV.ca News Staff

    A small study in Sweden and the United States finds that using a cellphone just before bedtime interferes with sleep patterns.

    Scientists at the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University and Wayne State University in Detroit studied 35 men and 36 women. Thirty-eight of the volunteers said they had symptoms that they attributed to cellphone use, such as trouble concentrating and sleep problems. The other 33 volunteers reported no "mobile-related symptoms"...

    Sleep expert Dr. Jeffrey Lipsitz says he finds the study's results disturbing.

    "Aside from the sleep aspects, honestly, it's a little worrisome that you could measure any significant difference in people just because they've been exposed to radio waves that simulate cellphone use," he told Canada AM Monday.

    "So you kind of wonder what else might be going on to the brain as a result of extended cellphone use, and what does that mean for all of us?... It certainly cries out for more research."

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    I've only seen that 3 million times on Face Book. Thaks for pointing it out on a different page.

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    My friend was dead set on trying it ... but it didn't work for him. I'll believe it if someones shows me the trick on a glass table so I can see what's underneath.

    Hello? Anyone still out there? d:

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