Uk Made Dunlop D209 Sets 120/190 $230 Shipped
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Thread: Uk Made Dunlop D209 Sets 120/190 $230 Shipped

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    Uk Made Dunlop D209 Sets 120/190 $230 Shipped

    Like Title Says
    for those that do not know about these tires they are made different from US made D209. UK tires last longer and are stickier and hence more expensive.

    I Have Sets Of 10 Laps On Them Maybe 15 Nothing More For Sale In 120-190 Combo Only!

    Free Shipping Within Canada Only!!!

    I Don't Sell Beaten Tires. Buy Back Option Available As Well Should The Tires Be In Bad Condition But I Check Before Shipping So No Returns Yet Which Menas You Will Be Pleased With All The Tires.

    They Are Coming Off Ama Bikes From Down In The States

    Pm For More Info.

    Can't Put Pics Coz I Have Lots.
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