defining model years?
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Thread: defining model years?

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    defining model years?

    Hello all,

    I was at a local dealership today and they happened to have two Yamaha FZ6's side by side, blue. One had a 05/07 on the vin plate and the other 12/06. The '07 was on sale 7999 i think it was. The '06 had no price so I aske the sales guy. He stated they were both the same price as they both were '07s. I did point out to him the vin plates and he still stated its an 07. I might be missing something here but, 12/06 tells me its a '06 model. I have also seen many '06's still sitting at dealerships across the province for approx 6700-6900. So what model year would you call the second one. Sure it may not have been shipped until jan 07 or so, But i call it a 06model and pretty sure the paperwork would also. What do you all think?



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    I believe that is just the manufacture date. I don't know what it's like on yamahas but on my honda you can see the manufacture date but on the frame stamp there is a big number with the model year (just the year, no month)
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    Manufactures start pumping out the following year models oct-nov or sooner. So it may have been built on dec 6th 2006 but they will claim it as a 2007 model...

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    This is the same for cars and bikes.

    2008 models started coming out end of 2007, which means they could have been manufactured even as early as October 2007.

    The manufactured date has nothing to do with model-year.
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    At work right now we have a few 2009 model vehicles. They were made at the start of this year ... DOM and model year are seperate things.
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    The dealer is right, they're both '07 models. As stated before the manufacture of these '07s may run from 10/06 thu 09/07 as an example. (These manufacture dates are not set in stone either - look at the early release of the '09 Toyota Matrix. It has been in production since probably December '07 or january '08.

    Either way, in your example, since they are both 2007 model year bikes with 0kms neither is worth more than the other as a new unit. Your warranty is effective the day you buy it and isn't affected by the manufacture date.

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    the Manufacturing date has nothing to do with the model year. The Model year is another way to identify the model.

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