B.C. government selling out?
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Thread: B.C. government selling out?

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    B.C. government selling out?

    Some of it is emotional fear mongering but the result is defiantly not beneficial to B.C.
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    Good video... more scary stuff... who gets the first bullet...
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    r u guys startin' trouble again?
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    This is probably one of the single things that this government is doing that bothers me the most. For such a business minded government, how can they give away our most valuable assets in good conscious? It certainly isn't a good business decision for us. I'm going to go jump back in my handbasket. Where are we going again?

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    you have your tense mixxed up: ING endings are appended to verbs to indicate present tense.
    for an irregular verb, the PAST tense form changes: I think you meant 'SOLD'! -to the highest bidder!
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