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    Heading North

    Sunday is launch day. 3 of us leave for Dawson City, Yukon for the Annual ADVRider Dust to Dawson meet.

    D2D is a solstice based meeting of LD/ADV riders , the second annual get together in in Ushia every December.

    Our riding objectives after D2D are weather dependent.

    Route North

    Sunday Prince George
    M Fort Nelson
    T Watson Lake
    W Faro
    T-F D2D Rest, Rally and ride to Chicken, AK via Top of World Highway

    From this point on we are at the mercy of the weather and road conditions

    Sat weather dependent we leave for Eagle Plains
    S-M Inuvik (Fly to Tuk to visit)
    T Eagle Plains
    W/T Whitehorse Rest Day tire change
    F Fairbanks (option 1)
    S ColdFoot
    S Prudoe Bay (DeadHorse)
    M COldfoot
    T/W Denali Park
    T Whitter
    F Valdez
    S Tok
    M Whitehorse
    T Watson Lake
    W Hyder Ak
    T Prince George
    F Home/

    We are riding

    KTM 990
    BMW GS 1150
    BMW GS 650

    All bikes have fuel cells or larger tanks, are running TKC 80's and all using Happy Trails Panniers. I am packed and have room to spare.

    We have extensive first aid supplies( and the skills to use them), MedJet Cards and a Sat Phone. We all are running GPS's 2 -376C's and a older SP III

    Riding Gear

    2 are wearing Darien Jacket and Pants and one a BMW Street Guard Suit.

    We have sent ahead mid trip snacks and tires. This is my second trip north and we are expecting great scenery and some good road tales. I am taking my good camera and a decent lens so I will hopefully be able to post up some photos on our return.
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    Have a fun and safe trip Bill, sounds great!!
    I'm not addicted! and I'm not quitting!!
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    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    When at SpaghettiWesternville (Dawson City), try the sourdough bread toast at Sourdough Joe's. Good stuff.

    A few weeks ago the Peel and Arctic Red River crossings 180 km south of Inuvik were blocked by ice jams but they should be good to go now.

    A few things about Whitehorse:

    1. tires are bloody expensive, but Jon at Yukon Honda is a good fellow to deal with;

    2. if you're hotelling it stay at the Westmark Klondike (near Yukon Honda) and not the main Westmark Inn, same quality but big price difference for some reason;

    3. if you find a camera in a blue/black case with tons of road/bike photos that belongs to me.

    BTW Whitehorse to Fairbanks is one long ass day, 950 km but easy roads.

    Have an awesome trip.

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    Check out Carcross Desert just outside of Whitehorse.


    Who woulda thunk it. A desert in the Yukon
    Too sexy for this forum.

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    lost of adventures seem to be happening this year. good on all ya crazy fokkers.

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    I might see you coming back down the Cassiar, I have to run up to Dease in the next little while for work. If you see a HID equpped blue Bandit on the road that'll probably be me.

    Have a good trip and be safe. Try to get out of the saddle enough to take some pictures

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    Take care, Bill, I'll see you when you get back.

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    anyone I can lean against
    Have a good and safe trip Bill.

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    Have a safe trip bill. We'll have a drink when you get back.

    And yeah, take some F&%king pics for once!

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    Sounds like some long days, hope the weather is on your side. Watch out for popo between Houston and Prince George!

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    Ah. The north. Second only in "adventure," status to California without a roadmap.

    Enjoy ever mile.

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