Will 02 Akra slip on's fit on 03 r6 models?
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Thread: Will 02 Akra slip on's fit on 03 r6 models?

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    Will 02 Akra slip on's fit on 03 r6 models?

    I've been studying the pictures lately and it looks to me like the 2002 Akrapovic slip on exhaust has the same mounting points as the 2003. Even though the 2003's frame is different. Looks like the same bend angle and everything. So the question is... You think that I could fit the 2002 slip on on my 2003 when I get it. Pretty hard to say though cause no one has one yet eh? Its just i don't want to wait until Akrapovic makes a slip on for the 03 R6 models cause it's probably going to take for ever to be put into production!!

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    If it won't fit and you want to part with it, let me know!!
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    no it wont...and GOOSE WHO IS IN THAT AVATAR??? hahahah

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