Bike is located in Victoria BC, Canada
I am the original owner since new. The bike has 30541kms on it and that's how many it will have when you buy it. It has had the canisterectomy done by the shop where I bought it (Action). I have decatted the pipes and moved the carb needles out one notch. The bike is in overall excellent condition. I have ridden this bike hard and it gets me home every time. I have taken very good care of it. I just finished a complete overhaul of the bike a few weeks ago. The valves are all in spec, new air filter, oil, coolant flush. Installed the accessory fuse panel that turns on and off with ignition. The bike is mainly stock except one tooth down on the front sprocket (makes 6th gear usable) KTM Tourtech panniers, garage fabed topbox SW Motech crash bars (the good ones that go all the way up the front) The bike does have some scratches (not many), don't worry about them, you will put more on when you ride it and a custom paint job on the upper fairing (I got bored during an oil change) The bike is wired with a trickle charger, auxiliary lights (installed) and wrap on heated grips (included). The bike also has brand new tires (never wridden), Pirelli Scorpion rear and Continental ContiTrail ATTACK front. All TB's are up to date and done at Action M/C by a certified KTM technician. There is lot's of information on these bikes on the web.