Dakar - Renthal Bars - Heated Grips????
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Thread: Dakar - Renthal Bars - Heated Grips????

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    Dakar - Renthal Bars - Heated Grips????

    Okay folks. Before you suggest www.dualsportbc, I've already posted there.

    So far this bike (2002 BMW F650 Dakar) is getting the air intake modified, a K&N Air Filter and a Two Bros exhaust to make it go better and I've now discovered that the handlebars are made of a substance resembling toffee.

    I've always fitted Renthals to Traillie bikes but, this one has heated grips and I don't want to sacrifice them. Does anyone know the best way to do this mod?

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    Buy the grip heaters that are a flat sheet. They just slip under the grips when installing. I think a set can be had for less then $50. Make sure you use the proper grip glue when installing otherwise you will just twist the grips and this will possibly tear the fragile heating grid of the heaters.
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