bike has 15k on it, regularly religously serviced, washed, waxed, detailed. kept in garage every night of its life, brand new rubber with 300 miles on them, only upgrades are a K+N filter, and a Two Bros slip on.

bike has one nick on the left side of the fairing underneath the clip on, and if i didn't point it out you'd never see it.

you could eat off of this bike, and anyone who knows me/this bike knows it has lead a pampered life. sold new at RMS, traded in shortly after at RMS again so original owner could buy an RC51, and i bought it early 1999 with 2K on it.

if anyone is interested, you don't ride it til $5500 is in my hand in the form of cash, and the regi is in your hand.

look at any other F4 for sale, check this one out last and you'll drop your jaw at the shape of this machine for the same price.

now i can't post photos, what's up with that?

ted 604 541 3330