1000km service?
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Thread: 1000km service?

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    1000km service?

    When I bought my bike from the dealer, he told me to bring my bike back for a checkup/tuneup after 1000km. I was wondering if this was necessary? I dont want to waste my money if they're just going to do an oil change...anybody else had this checkup? Is it worth going, or should i just do an oil change myself?

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    oil change with lots of checking and tightening of bolts. You don't have to go back to them if you don't want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by racerboy88 View Post
    oil change with lots of checking and tightening of bolts. You don't have to go back to them if you don't want.
    i wonder if not getting an authorized motorcycle mechanic to do the required work voids whatever limited warranty he was offered , if hypothetically speaking he does something reall dumb and wrong and ends up seizing his motor ..

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    It shouldn't void the warrenty if you do the work yourself, but document what you did and keep the reciepts.

    To see what all has to be done at the 1000km service look in your owners manual and do it all, or take it to the dealer to do.
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    Nope - it's not a requirement, but it's up to you to prove the service schedule has been adhered to.
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    The 1000 kms service is oil change plus a PDI re-inspection.
    Worth doing especially on the ZX14, I don't want anything coming loose.
    I am taking my 1000 kms service to a different dealer as different eyes sees different things.
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