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Thread: Types of grips

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    Types of grips

    Just wondering what type of grips do you guys uses?

    Was looking into something other than stock cause it tends to be really hard and sticky after a while.
    Saw this on progrip
    seems interesting but the price is steep for it.. 50 bucks...
    or something like this
    the 725evo
    13 bucks... lot cheaper but features as the other one of course...

    What you guys think?

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    ProGrip gels (on the f4i). My Gixxer is stock however. I paid 15 bucks for em.
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    While it doesn;t look as fancy these are by far the more comfortable grips you will ever have. The ergos are perfect for hands.


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    Grips are one thing I don't feel the need to upgrade (except maybe for heated in winter). Just how tightly do you grip those things anyway? I rarely close my hand around the left grip, and try to keep my right loose except when I need very fine throttle control.

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    For a bike where you're not putting a lot of weight on your hands I'd second Elevation's barrel shaped grips. The hand does roll around and fit it in a more comfy manner. But not for a leaned forward sportbike where your weight is on your palm. For some reason I found that a straight cylinder shape worked far better for that case.

    I bought Progrip Gels for all my bikes. After finding that the first set did soak up some of the vibes (not all and not much but there was a noticable improvement) I got them for all my bikes as well as the old Honda track bike. I'm sure I never paid more than $25 for any of them. And the Progrips have not gone sticky or started to perish even after 4 years of use on my three main bikes. I even put them on my little XR100 mini road racer....
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