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    Exclamation '03 protege 5

    i need to find some one to take over my lease!

    you pay ZERO down !!!

    the next payment is not till the 20th of feb so you don't have to pay untill then!!

    the payments are $375/month

    you save over $1200 in start up fees...

    anyone interested?

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    is it an actual lease? If yes, then I don't want it. Leases are a ripoff unless you are writing the vehicle off as a business expense.

    If you mean take over payments then, is it manual?, what is the interest rate 0.9% or 1.9%?, mileage?, options?, color?

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    Re: '03 protege 5

    Originally posted by _m@_
    i need to find some one to take over my lease!
    yes it is an actual lease... and yes i do write it off or that was the original plan!

    oh yes and it is a 5spd, silver, 6k,power everything, keyless entery, 6spkr cd stereo,cruise ... sorry i forgot those vidals..

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