Hello everyone. Bike is the blue & yellow Canadian model. Approx 28K. Bike is fully faired but fairing currently off.

For those who know this bike, it requires little explanation. Bike is in excellent condition and has custom made stainless pipes (everything else is stock). Top end redone at 24K by previous owner. I have always used synthetic oil.

I have no time to ride, bike is in garage collecting dust!

I am dropping my original price by 600.00. Now 2900.00. Price is absolutely firm so please know this before viewing.

I also have a 1 yr old helmet (med) as well as riding gloves and JR jacket (will sell these collectively for 200.00.

Bike is very fast for it's displacement & IMHO not really suitable for first time riders.

My office # is 250-727-7197 (ext 243)...I live in Victoria