Atlas\Windbell The good /bad/ugly ?
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Thread: Atlas\Windbell The good /bad/ugly ?

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    Atlas\Windbell The good /bad/ugly ?

    Hi everyone. I am new to the group but joined to get INFORMED opinions regarding this company since I am seriously thinking of a purchasing a machine from them. I know some people have a stong negative opnion of some companies and will post items in a negative light for personal or bussiness advantage. So please only educated experiences/information please.

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    Thread about that , second page , scroll down.......
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    There *are* threads about windbell and atlas but I'm not sure if the link above is the most helpful one. Do a search and you'll find much more informative posts.

    Which bike are you looking at getting?

    From personal experience - I bought my NC30 from Windbell last year and so far so good. It helped that our NC had a non-oem front fairing and non-stock paint job, and higher miles so the price we paid out the door reflected that - I think the $5500 price they list is way too high for one of these bikes.

    Regarding Windbell - it took forever for them to get this bike ready, but in the end they were great to deal with, and they really made sure I walked away a happy customer.

    Just make sure you do a little research on any grey import you plan to buy before you go in there - I found them to be very honest, but you really should make sure you know what questions to ask when you go in.

    And yeah, expect the bike to have a nice shiney paint job, but look a little deeper - corrosion on frame and metal parts, pitted and/or leaking forks etc - these bikes have been sitting in storage a long time and it shows. And Windbell seems to be taking less time to clean up the not so easily seen parts these days. (I find it really valuable to go in as soon as they get the new shipment so you can see what condition the bikes are in when they arrive - it's a bit shocking.)

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