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Thread: Paging alarm

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    2005 FZ6

    Paging alarm

    Well as many of you know I am developing a paging alarm for use on motorcycles...well most of the R&D is now finished and I should have samples by the time the bike show rolls around...

    the difference between mine and everyone elses is that the pager and remote are integrated into one unit. There is a variety of features including remote starter if you have a touring type bike with a center stand, dual stage shock sensor, plus a promity sensor....if you are familar with car alarms you could consider this a compustar system for bikes...

    What I need most of all is a good name for the product. so here is what I am proposing and hopefully it is OK with Adam...

    I would like to take suggestions here for a product name and have the members of pick the winning name and that person will get a system FREE of charge. I will also donate 3 systems to to either raffle off or do what they see fit with them...and finally I will need to real world test the alarms on a variety of bikes and will be offering 6 units to select models of bikes for testing....

    So if you have a good name or would like to be considered for testing, post your entry here, and also the make, model, and year of your bike.

    Thanks for you help guys....

    Bieu aka Digi168
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    Im down for some testing
    03 yamaha r1
    name: securi-pro
    ok im bad with names.

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    You can test it on my bike bieu
    2001 RC51 (sp1)
    Product name : PegaCys
    or MigNight (another word for Sniper or theif)
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    2001 GSX-R 600
    I'd be up for testing.
    Not creative enough for a name

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    sumfing nekkid
    Wicked Digi.....these things are gonna be cool.

    Make: Digi-Tronics / Digitronics
    Model: Cycle-Guard
    Model: Notifier
    Model: Ambush
    Model: Snare
    Model: NotifymesoIcancomebeatyourassintotheground

    more names to follow when I have more time....

    and of course....I would gladly volunteer my services . Insured year round.

    Seriously though, I'll take one no matter what.
    Ride in peace my friends...

    Being a road crayon sucks....put your gear between you and the pavement.

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    Sounds like a good product you've developed. I've been considering buying a pager-alarm for my car for sometime but it already has a regular alarm so I haven't justified it yet. If I ever get a bike worth protecting, it'll definitely be on the list of things to get.

    My first thought for a name was "The Equalizer" as taken from this article. It refers to this group of guys that stake out bike thieves and kick the crap out of them. A pager alarm will give you that same opportunity, hopefully, without the need for the stake-out.

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    I might be dangerous! Array Manic's Avatar
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    Name: how about "MakeMyDay" ?
    Seriously I like "CERBERUS" - guard dog

    Let me know when you start selling these.
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    Emtarkanderundrsgunderson Array Boone's Avatar
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    Chilliwack, BC
    '01 CBR929RR
    All products should be tested on a Honda 929 before being deemed worthy of sale, and for that purpose I humbly submit my 2001 model of said bike for your consideration as a guinea pig
    Do kindly reply back if you are interested and as you do you will be glad you do, you can reach us through our email address David Boone

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    Feb 2002
    I'm not telling, but Atom isn't allowed near it.
    I'll volunteer my bike for testing.

    I'll post up a name after I wake up..


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    The slums of new west
    Suzuki XV 2182
    If you wanna test on a 9r, let me know.

    shorter version of what atom said: Digitron ?

    Rocket Protector
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    99 Yamaha R6
    free is always good.

    99 r6.

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    Mmm bubble gum Array SRAD's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    '07 GSX-R 750


    Im down with some testing, got a 97 GSX-R 600

    product name -digi-gaurd..? not that creative with names.
    25,000 feet is my own little piece of heaven

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    ...... Array Team Green 9R's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    Mine would be great for testing....I live in a really bad I guess I do anyway gets stolen then truck broken into within a month and a half....grrrrr

    2001 ZX9R

    name?.....The Protector? Cyclegaurd?.......Stop thief! ?

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    Jun 2002
    07 Yamaha R6
    hmmm testing... I'm down with that! I've had 2 of my bikes stolen this year!!!! 4 bikes stolen since I've moved in to my complex. I don't think anyone in Vancouver needs it more than my bikes.

    Name: RaperAlert........ that is what i'm going to do to the bitches that keep of swiping my bike after I finish modifying it.

    Current Bike: 2000 GSXR 750

    Preformance mods:
    Ohlins Dampener
    Ohlins Rear Shock
    EBC prolite Race rotors and HH pads
    Goodridge Steel Braided Lines
    Yoshimura Ti TRS

    As you can see I definately need your system to prevent this sweet babe from getting raped.
    SaVe Da SpeeD for the TrAcK!

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    gixxer 6
    Up for testing
    CBR 600 F2 1992

    Names: Bike-alert, Watchgaurd, Bike-saver, bike-attend, 3rdwatch, theft buster, crime fighter, Batman, sleep aid, protector, Guardian angel, bike guard, cerberus (three headed dog guarding hades in greek mithology), sentinel, bike keeper, bike defender, chirp alert, Revenge indicator,theif barrier, theft barrier, bike condom, chick magnet keeper, reason for living saver........

    more to come l8r
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