FS: 2003 Kawasaki 600rr (12,000ks) modded
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Thread: FS: 2003 Kawasaki 600rr (12,000ks) modded

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    Arrow FS: 2003 Kawasaki 600rr (12,000ks) modded

    2003 kawasaki 600rr

    second owner
    6600 obo

    just had the 12,000 k check up and all fuilds changed at holeshots, was bought from holeshots and been only been taken there to have everything done, they have all the records for this bike

    this bike was sided by previous owner 2 years ago, just minor cosmetic damaged that i have since replaced, there was a scuff on the left side fairing nothing majour. and tires are still really fresh.

    the bike has never seen rain and parked in my heated garged during both summer and winter, iv taken really great care of this bike and never abused it. lubed the chain after ever ride, and never put anything less than 94 oct in it.

    im moving to the states for flight school and need to sell it....
    i hate to see this thing go and don't want to sell it but have too.

    -flush mount front and bake turn signals
    -frame sliders
    -carbon fiber mirrors
    -new fairings
    -underglow lights (leds that can switch to 15 different colours on a remote) *have riden beside more than one cop car with them on and never been pulled over or stoped for having them on at night*
    -new battery in june
    -double bubble windscreen
    -new kn filter

    everything installed prof at holeshots.

    call me at - - -- 604 897 0870
    email - - - - - - nowell.albrecht@hotmail.com

    got lots of pics if you want more

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