Getting a title for a bike without one?
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Thread: Getting a title for a bike without one?

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    Getting a title for a bike without one?

    So i bought this bike back in november for $250 as a parts bike for my old suzuki GS and i happened to get it running today... I took the bike for a short spin and it seems to run actually really good still. It needs a bunch of work before the whole bike is good again, but the engine feels great. the guy i bought it from didn't have a title for it either. he said he got it from his cousin who got it from some old dude or something like that.

    So has anybody done the title recovery thing through ICBC?
    I talked to my insurance people downtown a while ago and they didn't really know how to go about getting it so i could register the bike and tried to put me through a donkey show to get anywhere with it. I couldn't find anything about it on the ICBC website either.
    I'm hoping i can actually register this bike and get it going on the road legally again. any insight into the matter would be appreciated.

    here's a picture of that bike

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    There is a process to do it. I don't recall all the steps, but a (good) insurance agent should be able to point you in the right direction. Seems to me you have to take out an ad in the paper giving notice that the bike will be taken over and send a registered letter to the last known address of the owner, which ICBC may look up for you based on the VIN.

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