The dangers of passing...
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Thread: The dangers of passing...

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    The dangers of passing...

    So today I went for a ride on my Z100, and soon I found myself in slow traffic; 70kph in an 80 Zone. Infront of me was a Civic, and infront of the Civic a slow moving 30 year old van. I was waiting for the Civic to make a pass, but after a few decent passing opportunities the Civic still hadn't passed, and by now there were dozens of vehicles behind me.
    So I waited for the next straight stretch and went to pass the Civic and the van. 2-3 quick downshifts, and I was flying by, Yoshi Pipes screaming.
    Just as I was exacly beside the Civic, he also goes to pass, and just radically swerves over, no signaling or shoulder checking. He literally came within inches of me without seeing me. My instincts took over and I accelerated hard while avoiding him.

    That just goes out to show how dangerous passing multiple vehilces really is. Honestly, when Im driving my car and I go to pass somebody, how often do I shoulder check??

    If he would have used his signals this near accident would have been avoided, as I focused on his signal lights right before I passes.

    Hope this teaches people a lesson...

    Safe riding people!!

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    Excellent work glad your safe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hhuang6n View Post
    Excellent work glad your safe!
    Wewt! Smart thinking, wise choice too
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    Pays to "expect" them to be stupid....your always less surprized your right !!!

    Put another notch on the old belt.

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    Unfortunately, the longer you wait the more chance the driver in front of you also becomes impatient with the slow driver. Depending on the circumstances, I usually give someone one chance to pass another vehicle.
    Typically a cager is requiring more time/distance to pass then we do on bikes so I tend to go when there is far less chance of them making the attempt.

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    Honestly, when Im driving my car and I go to pass somebody, how often do I shoulder check??
    not sure about you, but i do it all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by made Man View Post
    not sure about you, but i do it all the time.
    Ditto. And I actually use my signals too.

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    It's a real shitty game. The guy in the car sees you, and he may expect you to be aggressive and pass before him - which is the honourable thing for him to do. If you don't trust him though, and you don't seize that opportunity, you get frustrated with him immediately because he isn't making sense. So... There you sit, both of you waiting for the other to make a move - a chance comes, and you are both basically going for the pass at the same time. Yeah, there are morons in cars that don't use their signal light. In fact, MOST people in cars (around here) don't use their signal light when they pull out to pass, but then they will use it to pull back into their lane (huh?).

    Your 'body language' is important in this situation. Don't sit right on a car's back corner unless you are planning to pass immediately. If you want to give him the first chance, back off that little bit to make it obvious. And when you do go to pass, it is critical to do so with every bit of authourity your horsepower to weight ratio offers. I wish the police would understand this part because when you don't have multi-lane highways passing is extremely dangerous and therefore must be done with all the power you have. NOT passing is not an option, because then it creates horrific blobs of traffic where the danger climbs through the roof and asshole truckers hog every passing lane up a hill crawling 2kph faster than the rusted old pickup they want to pass.

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    Damn cagers! Good thing you have the power to pull away even harder.

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    good thing you didn't get hit. Traffic was like that yesterday morning when my buddy and I went up to Squamish at 8:30am. Got stuck behind a tanker truck. The drivers at the time were a little more aware of us though.
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    Some other tips:
    * Use your turn signal to let people know that you're passing. I didn't see you wrote you used it.
    * Turn the high beam on when you're passing. (you don't ride with high beam on behind somebody, do you?) Maybe because of me doing this, I don't really get this kind of situations often. Some people even pull over to the sholder lol (thank you thank you).
    * Avoid passing if there are some intersections, even when you have broken yellow line. Suspect that the car in front of you make a sudden left turn, especially when it's slowing down or driving really slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swissrallyman View Post
    Honestly, when Im driving my car and I go to pass somebody, how often do I shoulder check??
    How can you ask that and in the same breath criticise a driver who did the same thing to you?

    you should be checking every time, left OR right turns regardless if you're in the cage or on the bike.
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    I shoulder check, but I never shoulder check when I cross the yellow line to pass, and from what I can see, very few others do either ... it's just not in my mental picture to be looking for traffic coming from behind me *in the oncoming lane*.

    Had this happen to me too, but I couldn't get upset about it. Who thinks to check to the side and back when you pull out over the yellow? Not me even though I know now from experience ...


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    In the UK, a lot of people don't even use the term "shoulder check". We call it "lifesaver". Guess why .....

    It's also important to signal BEFORE you move lanes, not at the same time - kind of pointless otherwise.
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    It's obvious that not enough drivers shoulder check but there are times when riders have to be cognizant of how their actions can contribute to an accident.

    1) Riding behind a car and suddenly changing lanes to pass in the blink of an eye. I know there are lots of times people do not check but there are times when they do check, there's nobody in sight, then they initiate a change and voila, a bike appears beside them out of thin air. I don't know how many times when I'm riding behind a car and we're passing someone with a big gap in front and the car in front of me changes into it. For your own sake, you should expect them to do that (even though it pisses me off to no end when they do) and if they don't then they did you a favour. I've seen too many near misses from riders getting too antsy to fill that gap when really all the car in front did (in his mind) was leave the vehicle he passed adequate following distance.

    2) Riding in the same lane passing a lot of cars in the other lane. If at a much higher speed than the other lane, it's quite easy to be in a similar position as the above. Driver checks, nobody is there, then changes lanes only to find a rider there.

    These are both cases where the driver may have checked but still did not ensure the lane was clear. But in addition, the rider might have given them little chance to do so. Obviously not shoulder checking is inexcusable but the rider still pays the price.

    As for the dangers in passing and other stuff.. this comes up periodically. Worth a watch at least once a year.
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