Bike hire for MST
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Thread: Bike hire for MST

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    Bike hire for MST


    Does anyone know if there's a school who will let you use their bike for the MST (and additionally the road test) without having to do the full 5 day course?

    I have 15 years experience and need to jump through hoops to exchange my UK license for the BC one.


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    None right now...
    Are you planning on buying a bike in BC anyway? If so, then why not just buy the bike, and then do the test on it? If you got a license in the UK, knowing how hard that is, you can probably do the test on anything.
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    I used a schools bike for my test without having to do a 5 day course. Just explain your situation to the instructor and let them know what experience you have and they should be able to sort a bike out for you.

    I did 2hrs on a school bike (just to get used to the bike) and then went for my test the next day. I had the test date after passing the theory and then contacted the school to get a refresh as close to the test dat as possible.

    Trust me, i didn't want to go through all that testing again so i talked to the school and the licencing services as much as i could to convince them that i didn't need to do the whole thing again.You know as well as i do, the DAS is way more strict than the Class 6 test.

    If you want, I'll pm you the name and number of the school i used here i Victoria if it will help!


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