Post: So did she jump?
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Infraction: Wow. I never give infractions, so you gotta say something really stupid to piss me off.
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You're an idiot.
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I sincerely hope you never have to deal with anyone close to you taking their own life. That would be a real inconvenience.
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I realised that when I wrote it. I did grow up in a protective family like you said. My opinion is therefore scewed. I just hate public displays like this. I seen ALOT of things and I have been in a slump but I have never had schizophrenia or MP. There are so many different balances and how people understand themin their lives.

These particular incidents bug me. It is an uneducated opinion but taking your life when so many other people love and care for you just seems far too selfish. Then someone may compound that by making it a public display.

I can't always have the educated, PC opinion... I'm human too.
95% of people who "attempt suicide" are just crying out for attention. and I agree with lee it's selfish to hold everyone up in traffic, either fucking do it or don't, if you're that big of a loser you aren't worth inconvieniencing me and my life.