Rider down today on Marine way
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Thread: Rider down today on Marine way

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    Rider down today on Marine way

    Anyone know the details.
    Traffic was blocked off due to a bad accident and it did involve a bike. Happened around noon.
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    I drove past there around 10am. Accident happened recently. It was at the first intersection west of the Queensborough interchange. Tractor-trailer westbound turning left to go south. Bike eastbound on Marine Way into side of trailer. I didn't get a good look at the bike. From what I could see it looked like and older sportsbike, with some white, maybe a GSXR? Moderate damage. Ambulance, 2 fire and 2 cop cars on scene. No sign of rider. That's all I got.
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    Another summer and a whole bunch more "unknown rider down" threads. Yay.

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    Maybe so, but I've also noticed far fewer RIP Threads than years past. Those were some *very* tough sad years. Today, when I see a 'rider down' thread (and not to offend anyone here, truly) where the rider has survived... I see it as a gift. The -possibly injured- rider got the gift of life, and his/her family & friends ...got the gift of not suffering the loss of their son/daughter/friend.

    For me, though 'unknown rider down' threads can be tedious, if they don't morph into RIP threads... it's all good.

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