SPYKE Leather jacket and HJC Helmet
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Thread: SPYKE Leather jacket and HJC Helmet

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    SPYKE Leather jacket and HJC Helmet

    Hi huys. I've got a helmet and jacket that need to be replaced. I got another bike (97 GSX-R 600) and its white and blue. My jacket and helmet are black/grey/yellow. I need somethin white and blue. So ive got some options here. 1) id be willing to trade the two for someone elses blue/white jacket/helmet. or 2) ill just sell the two, seprerately if need be. The jacket is still brand new. Worn maybe 2 months. Still stiff, no scratches...never took a fall. It has a removable liner too. The jacket is SPYKE Sting and its a size 46
    As for the helmet, its mainly yellow with silver and black. Its made by HJC, with a clear visor. The helmet is quite new, inside is clean and still brand new. The shell is still nice and glossy, great condition. Has vents on the forehead and mouth area, as well as side flow vents on the side of the helmet to the back. I think the size is a medium. I do need a small though.

    If you want to buy the jacket and/or helmet, make me a fair offer, and we'll take it from there. FAIR TRADES WELCOME

    This is the EXACT same jacket. I found the pic on the spyke website.

    And here is the link for the HJC helmet. my model is the CL-12, same helmet, SLIGHTLY different paint scheme...

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