Who was the L on the group ride today?
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Thread: Who was the L on the group ride today?

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    Who was the L on the group ride today?

    I think it was a group ride...

    You guys were:

    Silver CBR (I think), white/blue helmet?
    Red ...something... Kawi? R6?... black jacket, shoei helmet (you split at Lougheed)
    .... not sure on the bike... white jacket, shoei helmet, L on the back

    I was the black ninja that joined you around 264th st, heading back to town on the #1 around 7 or so.

    Good riding with you - I slowed down for the CBR up front, who seemingly wanted to ride off into the sunset haha....

    Anyways, back on topic - I would've followed ya to tell you this, but that would be rather creepy, and may have wasted more time than I could afford, so here it is. The guy with the L, and I am assuming you are a new rider (L does imply that, does it not?), you should stay off the group rides for a bit. I could see you were feeling the pressure to go beyond your riding ability. You made a few position changes without any shoulder check whatsoever, and were dangerously close a couple of times. Finally, you went zooming down #1 at a breakneck speed once you hit Burnaby. I know you'll likely hate me for it, but you really ought to chill and focus on riding skills first - anyone can pull that throttle, but you gotta be able to control it.

    Just my 2 cents.



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    It wasn't me but just wanted to say if it was I'd love the input on my ride and i just wanted to say it's really nice of you wanting to help a newbie rider with some tips. ^^

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    It was me, I had full control geeze!

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    critquing someone's riding on here unless you actually know them or have ridden with them is a bad idea. starts many a flame wars. those guys could have ridden many times together so what you consider dangerously close might have been comfortable for them and zooming off is open to perception. changing position without shoulder checking comes with riding experience. if i pass a blue Toyota Prius then look in my rear view miror and see said Prius behind me, i'm not going to worry about shoulder checking hence why i said critiquing someones riding without knowing them or having ridden with them can get you in trouble.
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