All this talk about radios...
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Thread: All this talk about radios...

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    All this talk about radios...

    Now I know that we have a 'standard' set of hand signals that work well for 90% of things but do we need more?

    The one ride that my brother came on made me realize how awkward things can get. He wanted to convay to me that he was low on gas and wanted to stop then catch up with the group at the next stop. All that I got was a series of hand gestures conbined with a couple full-arm movements that made me think that he either had a bad cramp or that he wanted to teach me how to do a no-hands endo. What he was doing was combining signs from sailing, water skiing, scuba and some webpage he visited.

    Rather than get into the whole radio/cell/headset and related safety issues, would it be better to just come up with more hand signals? I think that a conversation such as this should be possible:

    1) How far to next gas?
    2) 50km
    1) How far to next rest stop?
    2) 25min

    The ability to pass these messages up the pack to the leader would also be usefull. More than one I have had difficulty signaling the leader that someone has fallen behind/disappeared.


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    Dude, this is 2003...only deaf people need to have an advanced form of sign language....

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    Originally posted by darkstar
    Dude, this is 2003...only deaf people need to have an advanced form of sign language....
    yes. that's a good argument...

    I totaly agree with sandworm though.

    "Outta gas", "cops" and "slow down" seem to be pretty obvious. How do you signal "I gotta take a leak badly" and "Lets slow down and wait for the guys who got caught up at the stoplight"...

    Getting a comm system in place would get rid of all this stuff of course

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    dude's i think the hand signal's work fine. for one i don't think i could handle 10 different voices in my ear at one time. as for radio's i think there good if you want to have people scouting sections of road for cops & traffic ,so the others can blast through, say at 10kph over lol,kidding. cause none of us speed on this site ,right.

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