Monterey County Camping Areas: You'd Better Check
by John David Stutts
Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Word from a Friend of Soup in the semi-local to Monterey lodging industry says that persons planning to camp in and around Big Sur for the USGP might want to double-check their recommendations.

He writes: The latest is that "Basin Complex Fire" will not be extinguished until late July at best, right now it's only five percent contained. It's like the floods you had in the mid-west, you know it's coming but there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Anyone who has already made reservations to camp at either Pfeiffer Big Sur State Camp Ground, Andrew Molera State Park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Fernwood Campground, Riverside Campgrounds or Ventana Campgrounds during the Moto GP weekend, need to double check on their reservations to see if their campgrounds are still standing, most are not!

The hotels/lodges/motels affected are Big Sur Lodge, Ventana Lodge, Post Ranch and Fernwood Lodge, right now they all are still standing, but that could change in a minute.

In other news, that gigantic albatross of a hotel under construction last year on Cannery Row is now complete. Although our fears were that what little soul left from the Doc, Steinbeck, Mac and the boys et al era has now been vanquished by the humongous smelly foot of commercialism, our local contact says we're wrong and that the 'hanging out in a sea of Joe Rocket' on the 'Row will "actually be better".