Our sponsorship for the Calendar is almost full. We have received so much support for this project it is overwhelming. We currently have 3 spots left in the months of February, October, November, December. If anyone is interested in a very unique advertising opportunity, the chance to support the Burn Fund, and the motorcycling community. Please contact us at swancharities@gmail.com

The Flying Swan Hot Chicks is a group of female motorcycle riders in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, founded in 2001 by the late Julia Sit. Under the guidance of Julia, the group has been involved in many fundraising events in the community. In an effort to continue the memory of Julia and her charitable endeavors, we produced the 2008 Flying Swan Hot Chicks Charity Calendar last year. We raised over $10,000 for the Vancouver Firefighter’s Charitable Society to contribute to the Children’s Burn Camp. With such great success with the 2008 calendar, we are now preparing for the creation of the 2009 calendar. Our goal this year is to raise a minimum of $15,000 for the new Vancouver Burn House. However, we can not reach this goal without your help and support. It is with great enthusiasm that we would like to request for your support as a sponsor in this great project.

As a sponsor, you will receive advertising of your business name and address in the calendar, and promotion of any special events. The cost is $100 per month. You will be entitled to having your business information and logo advertised, and unlimited special events for the sponsored month. (e.g. sales events, test rides, etc.)

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in helping us with this endeavor. We hope you are excited about this project as we are. Any help and support you can provide us is greatly welcomed and appreciated. To discuss sponsorship and learn more about our fundraising and marketing strategy, please contact us at swancharities@gmail.com

To learn more about the Burn Camp please visit http://www.burnfund.org/our_programs/burn_camp.php.


The Swan Charities Team