2004 Honda Valkyrie Rune. $24 900 OBO. Colour is Blue and is in MINT condition. This Rune is an American version with only 747 miles (1202 Kms). This bike is very unique and you will definitely stand out in a crowd. It is a factory built "custom" motorcycle that would look good next to any speciality built custom, all built on a factory assembly line

The Gold Wing derived flat six is a thumper at over 1800cc. The low end torque is said to be amazing, as is the exhaust note at full burn. Heads will turn when you motor down the highway on this

The American bike is now glittering on the showroom floor at SM Cycle (2758 Peatt Road
Victoria, BC) if you would like to view it. This is a private sale so no PST.

For more information, email or phone Durell at sales@smcycle.com or (250) 474-2088.

Motor Cyclist Magazine review of the 2004 Honda Rune:
So we were willing to ignore what our eyes told us and expected a bike that works like something much smaller and lighter, even when we lowered ourselves onto the 27.2-inch-high saddle and saw the front end stretch way out in front of us. Sure enough, release the clutch in first gear, and the Rune seems to shrink. The front axle is just about where it is relative to the rider on any bike; the fact that the trailing-arm fork's components are a few inches in front of the axle creates an illusion. The bike's heft, which exceeds 800 pounds with fluids, is there at walking speeds, but once you get moving its steering magically becomes light and manageable--and stays that way. You can point and shoot; the Rune feels tight, precise and predictable if you swerve or snap it into a corner. Cornering clearance is unremarkable, certainly not as good as the Valkyrie 1500's (which is better than most big cruisers), but at least the feelers on the pegs drag well before anything solid