Looking for some input or a maybe a few pointers!

I ride a '00 GSXR 750 and today after a few quick burst of high speeds/revs I came to a gradual stop and the bike made a real loud noise like loose headers! Upon further diagnosis after parking it a few minutes later, I noticed that when I start the bike it makes the noise less after it has sat for a while but when I fully engage the clutch, the noise magically dissapears. Would this be the cause of fried clutch plates or bearings or something? The bike still seems to ride ok, though I haven't been riding it because of this issue.

I geatly appreaciate any input as there are no motorcycle stores in the town where I live for the summer.

One more question, has anyone had any issues or problems with having a Hyperpro steering damper rebuilt (leaky seals)? I have one but was notified today that it has to be sent to europe to be overhauled! Can I do it myself?